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Master Class Online for Journalists and Opinion Leaders ON Tobacco Harm Reduction

29th May 2020 3 pm (CEST)

Several trends are emerging in the social media. Two are important for reporting on science and public health. Excessive dependence on data without thinking critically about the source is one. The other is about the role and authenticity of such data. In the rush to publish, we are witnessing a serious lack of attention to independent investigation and verification of facts. These are key pillars of good journalism. We know it is not simple. How do you verify the authoritativeness of a source when it is self-proclaimed? In the COVID 19 scenario this needs special care.
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Who is accountable for putting out information? Where is the knowledge we have lost in this transmission of information? What are the most used methods and tools to communicate scientific evidence? How can the sources be verified before what they say are written about?
News is not just factual information. It is an act of creative construction influenced and guided by professional standards. The Master Class of Catania Conversation (CC) provides useful tools for scientific communication based on evidence and data in the field of Harm Reduction and healthy lifestyles.
Both public health and journalism are public goods. They have to be publicly verified through healthy debates and discussions.

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What is the Catania Conversation Masterclass?

The CC is a multi-pronged international initiative of CoEHAR. It seeks to fill gaps in communication on Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) and Harm Reduction for a healthy life. We will engage with a global community of journalists and opinion leaders to communicate scientific evidence demonstrated in scientific setting including laboratories. A group of journalists and experts from all over the world will provide useful tools to create news provided on scientific communication data.

Who can participate in the Masterclass?

The class is open to journalists and opinion leaders. This event is aimed at those who work in the world of information and Communication with a focus on News related to Tobacco Harm Reduction.

How to participate?

Fill the form below. The webinar is totally free for a maximum of 25 applicants, accepted on a first come first served basis. (subscription are now closed)

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